Kosciuszko Alpine Flora

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Describes and illustrates the area's 212 flowering plants and ferns.

Finalist Scholarly Reference section - The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing 2001 + Full description

Around Australia’s highest mountain lies a rare ecosystem, an alpine area of outstanding beauty and diversity, strikingly different from other alpine ecosystems of the world but with common features.

Kosciuszko Alpine Flora describes and illustrates the area’s 212 flowering plants and ferns, of which 21 are endemic. It discusses the geological and human history of the area, the life-forms and habitats of the plants, and explores the various plant communities and their environmental relationships.

The book contains identification keys, detailed descriptions, and distribution and habitat notes for each species. Superb colour photographs show details of flowers, fruit, foliage, and ecology.

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No longer available in a print edition.


“This book must be regarded as the definitive guide to the alpine flora of mainland Australia. For any person interested in these fascinating plant communities, this is the essential sourcebook.”
Professor John Holmes, President, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (Wildlife Australia Winter 2001)

“Do yourself a favour’ and plan a trip – if not next year then soon. Go in the late summer and enjoy, but take either of these books with you. You will learn so much your enjoyment and appreciation of the area will skyrocket.”
Cherree Densley (Growing Australian March 2001)

“Although the title emphasises the contents related to the flora if the area, the book is far more comprehensive. … This beautifully produced book is now available, and as the reviewer said of the first edition, ‘see it and you’ll want to possess it’!
R.J. Fletcher (The Victorian Naturalist, v.118(1) 2001)

“... this second edition is a superb presentation. ... At $59.95, this exceptional book is indeed value for money.”
Australian Plants v.21 June 2001

“Perhaps the best book ever to describe the unique and internationally significant plants of the Australian Alps.”
Joss Haiblen (Australian Landcare March 2002)

… And what reviewers said about the 1st edition:

"Superlative comments can be applied to every aspect of Kosciusko Alpine Flora."
J H Willis, Brunonia

"The illustrations are magnificent … a truly superb field-guide to an unique area of Australia."
Edward Masson, The West Australian

"This book is not only an outstanding flora, it is also an outstanding ecological treatment of the flora and vegetation of a unique alpine area."
Jack Major, University of California

"Go out and get this book — even if you have never seen Mt Kosciusko."
Elizabeth Shaw, Harvard University


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